Mortgage Loan Modifications & Foreclosure Defense

The repercussions of the Great Recession and the housing market crash are still being felt across the country. The struggles that many New Jersey residents are going through remain significant and some homeowners still face looming foreclosure. If you are one of those teetering on the edge it is important that you know you still have options. Offering both mortgage loan modification assistance and foreclosure defense, our firm may be able to help you fight off the bank and keep your home.

The Law Office of Ivan Raevski – Mortgage Attorney

As a young Russian immigrant Attorney Ivan Raevski was no stranger to hardship. Although his youth in Russia and his adolescence and adulthood in the United States gave him fluency in both Russian and English, it also exposed him to the incredible challenges faced by many Americans and American immigrants trying to make their way in a harsh world.

Founded on the idea that all people deserve the right to fair treatment, our firm has risen to the challenge presented by the recent economic hardships in this country. Providing top notch service we work ceaselessly to help our clients keep their homes and fight the foreclosure process.

If you are in a tenuous situation with your mortgage we may be able to help you obtain a mortgage modification from your lender. Depending on your circumstances your lender may be required to modify your mortgage in compliance with the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).

Foreclosure Defense

If a modification is not possible or not enough we can still help you defend your home against foreclosure. With a Metuchen New Jersey Attorney to craft a case in your defense you have a reasonable chance of forcing the bank to respect your ownership and allow you to remain in your home. We may be able to force them to give you the time you need to get back on your feet and start making your payments.

The foreclosure crisis remains a stain on the reputation of lenders and banks but it should not result in you losing your home. Call a Mortgage Attorney now to discover how we can help you keep what is rightfully yours.